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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Other than moving into a bigger house, how else can you make your land-scarce flat look and feel bigger? Read on to find out some of our best tips to maximise space!

Reflect on This…

It’s a trick as old as the hills, but it works. Rather than just hang mirrors at random, look at what your mirror will be reflecting. Ideally, place it opposite a window with the view and you will bring the outdoors in. If it fits your theme, incorporate a glass dining or coffee table.

Bare Your Windows

Fussy curtains and blinds interrupt your wall space and make a room look smaller. If privacy is not an issue, bare your windows and let the (full) view and sunlight in. If privacy is an issue, consider wooden or laminate shutters, louvres or venetians in the same colour as your walls and window frames to unify, rather than break up the space.

Control the Light

Ditch the traditional statement light fitting in the centre of your ceiling. A baby chandelier dwarfs a smallish room and can make a large room look smaller. Recessed lights or sconces unify the space and shed light over a larger expanse rather than concentrate it in a single pool.

Aim High

Wall art mounted close to the ceiling makes your space feel loftier. Hang it low and the space can feel claustrophobic. It works the same way that vertical stripes on clothing make the person wearing them look slimmer.

Embrace the Pale

Soft, light, coordinated colours create the illusion of space, while dark and contrasting colours diminish it. Avoid anything that segments the space, such as dados. If you have skirting boards, keep them low or paint them the same colour as your walls. There is a reason why Scandinavian and Minimalistic interior design themes are highly popular among Singaporean homes!

Skimp on Prints

Avoid complicated, small prints and opt for solid colours that coordinate with your walls. Use cushions, rugs and throws sparingly, and if your décor is crying out for a splash of colour, how about throwing in some greenery that is ever soothing on the eye?


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