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Planning Your Home Reno Budget? Here Are The Things We Think You Should Splurge On

When planning out your renovation budget, it can be quite difficult trying to decide whether a particular modification is worth spending the money on. While the final result is still up to your personal preference, here are the few things we think is worth allocating a bigger slice of your budget to.

Proper lighting

In the grand scheme of a major home renovation project, lighting too often gets forgotten about. However, we believe that it should be factored in from the very beginning. Not many people may know this, but there is a difference between task lighting and accent lighting, and making the distinction between these two will ensure that the various spaces around your home are suited to their functions. For example, your kitchen island should have plenty of task lighting above so you can fully concentrate on food prep, and your bedroom would benefit from having ambient lighting so that you can create a cosy ambience when you’re getting ready for bed.

Open layout

Changing your home’s configuration by demolishing certain walls is a big decision, but it’s one that we think is worth the investment, as this design modification has the potential to dramatically improve the look and feel of your home, as well as enhance the way the various spaces function as a whole. But before you bring those walls down, consider whether the home will need to function differently in the future. For example, you might want to expand the living room by hacking the perimeter walls of an adjoining bedroom now, but the latter might be able to serve as a baby room in the future should your family grow. To get the best of both worlds, do a full hack but replace the wall with glass panels instead. This way, you’ll get the look of an open-concept space, but with a distinction between the two spaces.

High-functioning countertops

Countertops are a core part of how your kitchen functions daily, and as such, they require a little more attention put into the material choice. Since they take quite a fair amount of beatings – from food spillage to knife scratches to hard knocks from pots and pans – over its lifetime, it is worth investing in something that won’t get damaged easily. If your budget allows, getting a granite or marble countertop should be at the top of your list. Otherwise, alternatives like a marble-lookalike quartz countertop is a great option. And unless you’re aiming for the commercial kitchen look, avoid stainless steel altogether.

Durable fixtures

Small details make the big picture, and bathroom fixtures are no different. From the towel rack to the shower system to the faucets on the sink, these items all contribute to the overall style and tone of your bathroom. And as you use them everyday, poor quality options will wear out faster and need replacing sooner – which will incur more cost in the long run – so you should make it a point to invest in well-made and quality fixtures that have a timeless finish.

Walk-in wardrobe

If you have the luxury of an extra room at home, converting it into a walk-in wardrobe is a worthy investment. Not only does it help you store your ever-increasing collection of clothes in a neat and tidy manner, it can also double up as a mini-storeroom of sorts for other bulky household items. Consider customising compartments for odd-shaped items like an ironing board or travel luggages to fully maximise the space. If your budget allows, you can also opt to install a vanity table for all your dressing needs.

Luxurious bedding

While unrelated to any renovation works, we strongly recommend spending the money necessary to buy a mattress that fulfills your needs. Whether you prefer a firm or soft support, a memory foam or latex material, spend time testing which options work best for you and get the best you can afford. Although this is an item that will most likely carry a hefty price tag, a good quality mattress will last for years to come. Plus, who would say no to getting your best sleep night after night?


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