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Quarrel During Renovation: 10 Tips to prevent fights & conflicts

When the going gets tough, remember why you wanted to build a home together

Renovating a house is exciting but it can also be hard on your relationship. No home improvement project is worth a broken heart.

However, renovation in Singapore is undeniably expensive, and money is often the cause of couples’ quarrels during home renovations.

7 Tips to Prevent Couples Quarrel During Home Renovation

Here are seven tips from Vancouver-based reality TV Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott to build your love and home at the same time.

Create a Vision Mood Board

Before embarking on the project, sit down as a couple to create mood boards that represent your dream house together.

Going through the photos will help each person understand what the other likes and land on style and design choices that can prevent disagreements later on.

Make final decisions together with that dream house in mind.


Pick your battles – it is not worth getting into an argument just because you want that extra fancy chair in your living room.

Now that you are in a perfect union with your significant other, it is important to find some sort of balance so you both feel like you are designing your dream home together.

You never know – compromising on two styles may create something even better.

Divide Responsibilities and Conquer

You don’t have to both work on absolutely everything together. Assign responsibilities to each other. Renovating a house is a major project and both of you should be actively involved.

You could also consider making your favourite part of the house your responsibility. At that same time, remember to ask for your partner’s opinion to make them feel valued and appreciated.

Set a Budget – and Stick to it

Sit down and go through all the must-haves for your beautiful home.

Also make a list of things you can leave without and set aside a contingency budget for any unforeseen surprises – and no we don’t mean splurging on that 50-inch HD TV.

Keep an eye on the bottom line as running up debt only adds stress to your relationship.

Follow a Strict Timeline

Take a leaf out of successful couples’ rule books – many couples managed to complete their home renovations swiftly in 12 weeks or so because they stuck to their milestones.

You definitely do not want to wake up to an incomplete house so map it out ahead of time, without rushing, and stick to it.

Take Time Off the Renovation

Don’t forget to schedule date nights. Surprise your partner with tickets to a musical or reserve a table at their favourite restaurant.

With all the potential ongoing stress, it is important to take time out to reconnect and unwind. Make sure you’re still having fun and spending quality time with each other outside the house.

Enjoy the Journey

Treat this as a new experience you get to share with your partner. Have fun and make sure you laugh off all the tense moments. While your house may not last forever, your relationship should.

When the going gets tough, remember why you wanted to build a home together with your partner in the first place.


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