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Island Kitchen HDB Ideas to Upgrade Your Living Space

kitchen island ideas

Do you dream of a kitchen island but feel constrained by your limited space?

It might seem like an impossible task, especially when you're living in an HDB flat, but Erstudio is here to tell you that it's absolutely achievable!

With the right design and clever layout tricks, you can have a functional and stylish island kitchen.

Here are some smart kitchen island ideas that don't compromise on style or functionality to try today!

Opt for an L-shaped kitchen island

dining table

Want to take advantage of every square foot as much as possible? An L-shaped kitchen island can utilise all corners of your space!

By opting for this kitchen island, you can create distinct zones for food prep, more storage space, and dining as easily as installing additions, such as bar stools or additional kitchen island seating, without taking up extra room.

Choose a waterfall-edge kitchen island

kitchen island stand

Want to fuse luxury into your small kitchen? It's possible with a waterfall edge island!

Featuring the signature design of the countertop extending down the sides of the island, this kitchen island design exudes elegance while making the kitchen appear more spacious.

The waterfall edge is also perfect to keep seating out of the way when not in use, facilitating foot traffic and maintaining an uncluttered look.

Use a kitchen island to highlight an accent colour

Draw attention to your kitchen with a blue cabinetry

Inject personality into your kitchen by painting your kitchen island with an accent colour.

Want to create a serene and calming atmosphere? Go for a blue island!

But don't limit yourself to just one colour. Consider other shades like vibrant yellow for a cheerful and sunny vibe or bold red for a kitchen that exudes warmth and energy.

Regardless of the colour you choose, a brightly coloured island is sure to become the star of your kitchen.

Try a transformative drop-leaf kitchen island

A drop leaf kitchen island is perfect for adaptability and space optimization

A dream solution for smaller HDB kitchens, a drop-leaf kitchen island is capable of changing its form based on your specific needs


Designed with one or two hinged extensions, this clever piece of furniture can expand when you require extra countertop space or need a dining table on demand.

Not in use? Simply fold the extensions down and nestle the island against a wall.

Select a U-shaped kitchen island

U-shaped kitchen islands add a touch of rustic charm while maximizing functionality

Looking to create a quintessential farmhouse design?

A U-shaped kitchen island may just be what you're looking for!

Perfectly blending practicality with the allure of rustic living, this smart design eliminates the need for separate workspaces littered throughout the kitchen. Instead, it optimises the use of available areas.

It enhances the efficiency of your kitchen layout via the 'productivity triangle', which creates a cohesive, uninterrupted flow amongst the cooking, cleaning and dining area.

Go for a custom kitchen island

kitchen island ideas

Finding it hard to get a kitchen island that suits your needs?

Get a kitchen island that does everything and fits in perfectly within your home when you choose custom-made!

With a design tailored to your specific needs, you can have the freedom to pursue the kitchen island design of your dreams while ensuring that every inch of your space is utilised effectively.

Say Goodbye to Your Small Kitchen Problems with Erstudio!

While working with a small kitchen can be challenging, you shouldn't compromise on your dream of a kitchen island.

Erstudio is passionate about helping you create a kitchen layout that works for you!

With our team's experience and hands-on strategic planning, you can enjoy the benefits of a functional and stylish island kitchen in your HDB.

So, whether you want a custom island with marble countertops or a sleek kitchen island with a breakfast bar, trust us to bring your vision to life.

Contact us to start planning your dream kitchen island today!


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