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The mantra small on space big in style has been on for a while now and this still holds true. Just because your space is limited does not mean you should sacrifice style. You can still make huge statements with limited space. You can lace your apartment with an understated glam that would make your guest call you a style guru.

Whether a new flat or a small apartment there are hacks for decorating small spaces without it feeling overwhelming. However, it should be noted that what is right for one space might not be right for the other. So it is important to consider layout, storage, colour and design and balance them In the right proportion.

Here are 5 ways to decorate rooms with limited space to make them look effortlessly chic irrespective of the space.

Use Calm Colours

As a general rule calm colours work best for apartments with limited spaces. Earthy tones and neutrals are a popular choice for people with small spaces. It doesn’t have to be white or beige, you can also opt for softer shades of grey, yellow or blush pink. These calm colours have a way of fading into the background making the room look larger. These neutrals also direct the attention to the accessories in the room. Notice how the colourful rug and brass coffee table adds luxe to this room, you would agree this designer went huge on style.

Use Textures And Layers To Create Distinction

If you have to make do with a small apartment, then you would understand how important it is to maximize space. If you are left with limited space and you have to merge two areas in a home-like this. It might be important to use textures and layers to create a distinction. This doesn’t have to make the process look chaotic, you can pull off something breathtakingly beautiful, like the one in this apartment.

Textures are the life and blood of any décor, adding dimensions and creating more visually appealing aesthetics. This room uses a fancy rug and laminate wood flooring to add warmth and softness to this space while creating a visual distinction. A larger rug is perfect for spaces like this as they help to draw the eyes wider.

Add Pops Of Colour

Just because the space is small does not mean it has to follow a strict monotonous scheme. Colour sets the tone of any room and this is true of any space either large or small. Instead of opting for calmer colours, you can go for bold colours like dark blue or army green. However, use a neutral to break the colours so the room doesn’t feel too over ineffable. Notice how the white breaks up the blue in this décor, in a way that let both colours coexist in visual harmony. Add a colourful rug or throws to further add interesting details to the room.

Use Minimal Accessories

This room is proof that minimalism can be just as beautiful. There are few accessories to distract from the magnificence of this small space. The white colours let the room shine in its natural light enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the lush plants, colourful throw pillows and throws. The television is swapped with a view of nature instead. The result is an ambience that leaves you spellbound.

Use Window Walls

Instead of all four-walled apartments, consider one with a window wall on one side. A well-designed window wall can transform a cramped space into a breezy, airier and more spacious apartment. They allow natural light to flood in making the outdoor look like an extension of the space. This is a perfect trick to fool the eyes. If you would include drapes use the gauzy ones, avoid those heavy fabric as they would ruin the whole aim of letting natural light flood in.


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