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Plain white walls are evergreen and timeless fixture in most interior designs. However, it can be quite challenging to bring them to life, so here are 5 great ideas that can help you do exactly that! Let’s take a look:

Bring on the clutter

One of the best parts about having white walls is that they have the ability to make a room seem more spacious than it is. This is why you can literally go nuts with all the strategic clutter that you can implement in your space. Be it plants, light fixtures, beautiful furniture, or something else entirely – just go for it!

Earthy contrast

Plain white walls look the coziest when they’re offset or paired with earthy coloured design elements. They might include the furniture, the flooring, a wall hanging, the doors, or something else entirely. The idea is to evoke a sense of cozy comfort, which the white backdrop will help induce when matched with neutral colours like brown, tan, rust, etc.

Built-in furniture

Setting up in-built objects in front of plain white walls is an excellent way to glamorize your rooms. There are so many ways that you can explore this concept. From floor-to-ceiling display shelves to wall mount floating shelves, cabinets, desks, credenza, and more, you can pick out anything and everything to set off some contrast against your plain walls.

Just a single splash

Sometimes, all you need is a small splash of colour to make your white surroundings pop. It can be as tiny as a single sunflower or as big as a statement artwork piece and the results would be the same. Try putting a stem of a single sunflower in your favourite vase and set it up against a white wall – you’ll see how the ambiance will automatically feel cheerful!

Dark contrast

White is the kind of hue that’s basically a canvas of sorts. It has the ability to enhance any colour, so if you’re a fan of bold and dark colour schemes, then match them with a white wall and see the magic. Take this bedroom for example; the navy bed throw feels creates such a striking contrast against its white surroundings!

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