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The bedroom is the heart of any home. It is the only a place in our home where we are free to be vulnerable and truly be ourselves. After a long and chaotic day, we long for something familiar-something comfortable and where else can we go other than the bedroom. If this space is truly valuable to us, we must pay attention to the tiniest of details to make the room turn out just the way we imagine it to be.

When crafting the bedroom décor, we have to consider how we feel. The colours, texture and lighting all matter because all these factors come together to create the mood of the room.

So if you are looking for a room that evokes relaxation and utter serenity, here are the top 6 essentials you must include in your bedroom.

Warm Calm Colour

The impact of colour on mood cannot be overemphasized. When selecting colours for the bedroom, it is best to go for those colours that elicit a relaxed and tranquil feel. You don’t want a visually chaotic colour that makes your brain feels all over the place. You would want a calm colour that forces your brain to relax. You can introduce colours in different ways through your beddings, furniture, throws, walls etc.

Colours perfect for the bedroom include neutrals like beige, grey and white, lavender, light brown, sky blue, blush pink etc. however if you like bold colours like orange, dark blue etc, you can introduce them as accent colours, with the warm colours being dormant. This creates a visual balance that is perfect for relaxation.

A Statement Mirror

Mirrors help open us space creating an illusion that space is larger than it actually is. They double the space in a room almost instantly and this is perfect for dark and moody rooms as it reflects more light, brightening up the room. All these have a positive effect on our relaxation and rest. It also creates a focal point in the bedroom, creating a space that not just offer a relaxation value but also aesthetics as well. Mirrors comes in different shapes and sizes, could also be framed or unframed. So you get to choose one perfect for you.

A Dressed Up Window

Curtains are a perfect way to dress up our windows. They introduce colour, texture and patterns to space and thus choosing one that matches the rest of your bedroom décor. However, beyond aesthetics, curtains provide a feeling of warmth, creates privacy and helps block light that intrudes into our sleeping time. Curtains have an effect on sleeping quality. Even the smallest amount of light creeping into your bedroom while asleep suppresses melatonin release and melatonin is an important hormone regulating your sleep circle. the more the light, the lesser the melatonin and the poorer the quality of sleep. A good idea is to choose curtains with two layers like the one in this décor, so you can have the versatility of choosing how much light you let in depending on the activities to be performed.

Soft Textures Your bedroom should promote rest and relaxation and soft textures would give you that. Choose soft pillows for your head, soft rugs for your feet and of course some lush beddings for your body. All these items heighten the relaxation process, especially when paired with natural materials like wood.

Warm Lighting Light affects the body and the mind. This is why it is important to choose the right kind of light for your bedroom. Warm light is perfect for the bedroom as it creates a lot of warmth making the room feel cozier and more intimate. Lights within the temperature range of 2000-3000oc or yellow light are perfect for the bedroom.

Scents Fragrance helps set the tone of the bedroom in a subtle way. You don’t see it with your eyes but you can feel the effect it has on your senses. Scented candles create an instant relaxing ambience, however, if you are scared of leaving a burning candle you can try an essential oil diffuser or even wall plugins. The best aromatherapy for falling asleep include lavender, chamomile, rose or jasmine.


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