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Art is not just food for the soul, it’s also an excellent way to decorate your homes. For centuries, humans have been emulating beautiful artwork to spruce up all types of interiors. It used to be detailed ceiling murals by Michael Angelo in the past, but these days, we have become much more contained. So here are 5 ways that you can feature different types of art in your homes:

Single statement piece

A single, solitary statement art piece packs more punch than an entire gallery wall. Here’s a pro tip for choosing art for this type of a feature: make sure that it’s in contrasting colours that complement the rest of your ambiance, make it large enough to hook the eye, and make sure that its proportions complement the overall size of your wall! Additionally, keep the background totally plain!

With table frames

Table and shelf frames have a great way of adding some nice, memorable, and good clutter to space. They can be used to feature both photography as well as different types of artwork. This method is especially great for decorating end tables, nightstands, and shelves.

Horizontal art

Horizontal art spans several feet in the horizontal direction and has a distinct way of becoming the statement accessory of any room. It looks amazing when featured above bed headboard and sofa frames. The idea is for the horizontal girth of the frame to complement the width of the headboard and sofa back.

Duptech art

Dutch art features two frames that are featured in pairs on an empty wall. It’s a great concept to complement small feature walls that need some unique visual clutter. Sometimes, diptych art frames feature similar images, but other times, they can even showcase puzzle-piece images with one half of the image in each frame.

Triptych art

Triptych art consists of three frames arranged side by side in a horizontal formation. Sometimes, it features a square frame while other times it consists of 3 vertical or horizontally oriented slim rectangular frames. These frames can either comprise of matching images or they might comprise of complementary but different images.


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