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603 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5

Project Value $125,000

We had just downsized to an old 4-room HDB flat and were looking for an ID to re-imagine the space that was to become our home for our retirement years. Erstudio came highly recommended by a good friend who had recently engaged them to renovate her 3-storey house. We saw the work they had done in her house and were very impressed by their imaginative design and excellent finishing.


Hans and Ryanne's proposal contained some great space management ideas. Their creativity stood out and was clearly superior to the other IDs who came back to us with mostly cookie-cutter stuff.  Although I couldn't have my dream kitchen island because of the shape of the kitchen, they suggested a practical breakfast pantry which we have come to love. They doubled the space in our tiny master bathroom with a truly creative design. Also, they cleverly converted the negative spaces in the flat into much needed storage areas. 


Although the project encountered some delays (mainly due to the HDB approval process), Ryanne - our project lead persistently stayed true to her creative vision. She and her colleague Gin guided us in the selection of materials and gave us great advice on the colour scheme. They paid attention to the details, ensured good quality workmanship and diligently kept to the completion deadline. The outcome not only met our requirements, but surpassed our expectations.


We commend Ryanne and Gin for the time and energy that they invested into our project. If you want a home design that truly considers your taste, lifestyle and needs, they are your best bet!

Designer : Ryanne and Gin

3 Dundee Road

Project Value $43,000

Our ID team comprises Wilson and Chloe and we had a great experience working with them for the following reasons:

• Good chemistry with the team

• Meticulous and detailed pre-reno planning and design process

• Able to translate and enhance our ideas and requirements into the actual design

• Physically on site to oversee that works are in order and imperfections are touched up

• Prompt response on advice and follow-up

• Good contacts to quality vendors (lights, wallpaper, etc)

• Able to adhere to reno schedule although there are slight delays arising from labour/resource shortages during COVID, especially during initial lifting of labour restrictions. But overall within expectations.


Thanks for the beautiful place that we look forward to move in soon!

Designer : Wilson Chua 

Mr West Vil

Singapore, Singapore

Cardiff Grove

Project Value $70,000

An experience worth remembering

It was a lengthy experience to say the least, as our engagement with Yoh and Yinghwei was interrupted by Covid. You can imagine the anxiety and hesitation whether to proceed, as resources were uncertain. But the duo pulled it off with commitment and precise planning, not to mention all the other details needed to do a thorough job. In between, as well as post reno, response was equally swift. No regrets. Great experience and very assuring.

Very practical and to our needs and liking.

Good responses and attention to details.

Accompanied owner to shop for items.

Value for Money
Money well spent.

Designer : Yoh / Ying Hwei

Mr Kwan CK

Singapore, Singapore

89 West Coast Dr

Project Value $90,000

After speaking to numerous ID, we decided to engage Josephine cos she’s very meticulous in fact finding and gave good suggestions based on our family needs. The whole renovation process was a breeze, she oversee everything and whenever there were issues, she promptly resolved it. Gave Jo a tight deadline to handover unit and she was able to deliver and up to our expectations.

Thanks Jo! Good job

Designer : Josephine Bok

Ms Penny Chng

Singapore, Singapore

241 Kim Keat Link

Project Value $79,000

Chanced upon Er Studio portfolio and decided to contact them on designing and renovation of our resale 5 bedroom flat. The liaison from Er Studio assigned the task to Yoh and Yinghwei after understanding our preference of design theme. It only took us 2 meetings to decide on engaging them as our ID. Yoh articulated his ideas in a concise manner and exhibited confidence in his design and project management. The synergy between Yoh and Yinghwei was tremendous. This helped to ensure the project was completed within the 2 months lead time without compromising on workmanship. Post-renovation follow-up from them was also prompt given the limitation of logistic and manpower issue caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Highly recommended Yoh and Yinghwei.

Designer : Yoh / Ying Hwei

Ms Zhi Ying Poh

Singapore, Singapore

83B Watten Estate Road

Project Value $145,000

A home is very personal thing - everyone has a different idea of what a perfect home looks like. Unless you're looking for a copy-and-paste, cookie cutter place to stay, I can recommend Rey to help you bring your idea of home to life. We interviewed 7 interior designers before picking erstudio because we had a strong concept in mind, and we felt Rey best understood our vision. He has both the experience and the creativity to achieve something special for you.


Another important thing to remember is that you'll be seeing a lot of your ID during the process: from design meetings, to selecting fittings together, shopping for tiles, and so on. Rey was pleasant throughout with a good sense of humor, making the process much more enjoyable.

Rey has an excellent eye for design. There were some times when we were not too sure whether his suggestion was the right one - but now that it's done, we are so happy that we trusted what he said! If we had gone with what we initially wanted, it would not look as good at all.


During the course of the renovation, Rey kept us well updated, so we could leave him to it with a peace of mind and did not need to keep going over to the site.

Another good thing is that Rey has high standards. When we met nearing the end of the renovation, we were impressed by his to-do list, as it included replacements of some parts that we did not notice any problems with. For example, he pointed out that one of the shower door was not done to his liking as it was slightly shorter and water could splash over - this would not be something we would have noticed until we moved in. This meant that many smaller quality of life issues were automatically dealt with.


To be honest, we are not yet completely done with the renovation as the covid situation has put a hold on the defects servicing. As such, we are not able to comment on the quality of the after-sales service - we can update this after the circuitbreaker ends.

Designer : Rey Tan

Mr Vince

Singapore, Singapore

240A Jurong East Ave 1

Project Value $49,000

Our designer for our 3 room BTO is Ryanne. Her simple yet functional design really helped us to design our humble abode to something comfortable yet unique home. She was able to also provide good colour coordination for the home to ensure a harmonious feel throughout. We requested for a warm, cozy and open feel for our home.

The materials were quality and the workmanship and follow-up with her were great. She was really punctual and had strong follow-up. The vendors that she used were very helpful and had warranty on the workmanship.

We managed to get our home within 4-6 mths from planning to final product. Although they are more pricey, they definitely lived up to the cost, workmanship and design. Definitely will recommend for anyone who wants a comfortable home with good layout and maximizing of space!

Recommended to have some idea on the feel you’re looking for for your place!

Designer : Ryanne Loh

Ms Cherie Tang

Singapore, Singapore

56 Punggol Walk

Project Value $64,000

ERstudio, through its good online review, is one of the many ID firms that we have shortlisted for our double storey private apartment. With a specific design in mind for the open terrace area, ERstudio is the only one that is able to satisfy our requirements. Eric, our designated ID is able to incorporate our multiple wishlists, while providing different design perspectives for our considerations, into the final design. Eric is also flexible in accommodating changes midway. Happy that the house is completed and ready to move in time for Christmas. Thank you Eric and ERstudio.

Designer : Eric Low

Mr Andrew Lau

Singapore, Singapore


Project Value $60,000

Singaporeans are known to follow rules, comply with requirements and meet targets especially when numbers are involved. But how does one satisfy someone else’ feeling? Well, Er Studio did just that and excel in it too!


I am a rather private person; solitude is heavenly and quietness is blissful to me. So to hand over the keys of my life’s biggest investment, the flat, to Yoh Chuan Er and Teng Ying Hwei of Er Studio is a humongous challenge to me. Though I gave them a free hand in design, choice of furnishing and fixtures, my unwavering direction to them was – “I don’t want to be fussed. When I sit down to have my first meal in my flat by myself, I want to feel safe, beautiful, peaceful and tranquil in my heart.”


Yoh and Ying Hwei did try their utmost to engage me in conversation to profile me but I wasn’t much of a talker. So they initiated and visited my dear brother to find out who I really am! From there, they came up with a modern minimalist design to my liking, spot on! The quotation and purchasing budget were reasonable and most importantly, transparent. That was when I first felt assured that choosing Er Studio was the right decision.


During the design stage, they produced some wonderful 3D images of my would-be home and that helped me visualise. I particularly like the design of my dresser. The construction period went smoothly and was uneventful; everything was on time. Next came the furnishing stage in which I lost count on the number of weekday nights and weekends that Yoh and Ying Hwei burnt for my sake in hunting down the right pieces of furniture, lighting fixtures, sanitary wares, home appliances and even cutlery sets. I especially like the lamp shade that they recommended. Later I learnt that everything was done with durability, reliability and minimal maintenance in mind.


I visited my flat only a few times all this while and then comes the day I moved in. It was almost evening when I opened the main door and walked in barefooted. Soft music was already playing at the background, the air conditioning cooled the place, a warm glow illuminated the space and a subtle scent of an English rose was in the air. Curtains were drawn as I sat down beside the dining table which was beautifully set up with cutleries for one; a bouquet of dry flowers hanging on the wall greeted me. The soft amber spotlight shone down on the comfy chair and I ate my first meal.


“Yes, I feel safe, peaceful and tranquillity prevails in my heart. THIS IS MY BEAUTIFUL HOME!!”


I looked down at the sole of my feet, not a speck of dirt. Truly, truly, no details escaped Yoh and Ying Hwei. How can I not recommend them. Thank you.

Designer : Yoh  / Ying Hwei

Ms Ho

Singapore, Singapore

516 Serangoon North Ave 4

Project Value $128,000

No regret for engaging Rey as our ID! Rey is sincere and pleasant to work. He takes pride in his projects and ensures the deliveries of contractors meet his high standard. What I appreciate most is his responsiveness throughout the project as well as after sales service. We are glad that we can rely on Rey to run & monitor the reno progress. Design wise – gorgeous yet functional, our family simply love our new home.

Designer : Rey Tan

Ms LP Leong

Singapore, Singapore

406 Sin Ming Dr

Project Value $80,000

About three years back we were looking for someone to help us renovate a 30 year old three room flat that we had acquired. Eloy of Erstudio was actually the last out of eight IDs we had met.

Some of the IDs we had met earlier in our search had tried to dissuade us from meeting more IDs, saying things such as "The more you meet, the more you might be confused." Well, we kept going and had three IDs shortlisted. What set Eloy apart was his ability to listen to our brief and have a good understanding of our needs. As a result, he was able to come up with design solutions to our needs- some of which we didn't even know we had.

When February 2020 rolls around, we would have lived in our home for two years and still often catch ourselves feeling grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Eloy.

Form and function really came together in the design of the space. From a pragmatic perspective, there is not a bit of space wasted in the entire house. Details such as where to place power points, lighting design, as well as how to partition drawer and storage spaces were things we did not brief on but things Eloy managed to think of which has made day to day living in the space such a pleasure. This is really where Eloy shines.

Judging by some of the reviews left on platforms such as this one, not many people would say that their ID has higher standards for workmanship than they do. In our case, eloy definitely takes great pride in his work and will have things redone without being asked if he feels that it is not up to mark. In our case, there were multiple things which we were actually okay with but he had his subcontractors rectify or redo them.

Overall it was still a pleasant experience. Eloy and Jo were with us every step of the way from start right to scouting out a the right dining table and every fixture/tile/surface selection in between. They would always check in with us and give us options based on our brief, making the entire process rather expedient and hassle-free.

However, if there is one domain where full marks would not be given would probably be on this. As stated above, everything came together for a great finished product but there was minimal updates along the way unless some of our input was needed. As such, if you are a home or business owner who prefers for your ID to give you daily updates, this is something that might need to be communicated early on or is an expectation which will need to be managed.

Value for Money
For sure.

Designer : Josephine Bok / Eloycois Er

Mr Jack & Ms Yunhui

Singapore, Singapore

10 Sturdee Residence

Project Value $37,000

Looking for an ID to create our dream home is no easy task. After reading and hearing about all the horror stories of renovation that went wrong, we were determined to only engage IDs through recommendations and referrals. However after meeting a few of them, we were not convinced on either their design expertise or lack of trust or both. Therefore we decided to embark on the search by ourselves.

We came across Erstudio purely by luck and fate while scrolling through the Internet. The first meeting with Thomas was very engaging and we are immediately convinced on his technical know how, design creativity and honesty. Most importantly, we could communicate well. Therefore taking a leap of faith, we decided to sign up with him.

Throughout the whole journey from budgeting, designing, site supervision until handover, Thomas has not failed us and even exceeded our expectations. He has kept to our budget, schedule and has closely supervised all the work done on site to ensure all specifications are met with top quality workmanship.

Thomas has also listened to us well on our various design request and fulfilled them to our great satisfaction. He does not over promise and is honest in pointing out designs that are not suitable and inpractical.

To those who wish to have a beautiful dream home and yet still able to enjoy a smooth and stress free journey, we highly recommend ID Thomas Teo.

Designer : Thomas Teo

Mr Fung & Ms Chen

Singapore, Singapore

315 Bukit Batok St 32

Project Value $115,000

It has been a month since I moved in to the new haven that the Lord has blessed me with :)
And praise to the Lord that He has brought the two wonderful IDs, Josephine Bok and Cris Ng from ERStudio to design and do up the new haven; love what they have done!
Thanks Jo and Cris, because of you, renovation was restful and stress free. I pray that whatever you lay hands upon, it shall prosper 

Designer : Josephine Bok

Ms Jasmine

Singapore, Singapore

​18 The Clement Canopy B

Project Value $42,000

We ended up with Rey of Er Studio as I am impressed with him writing down 2 full pages of our lifestyle, needs and requirement in our 1st meet up. Compared with other IDs we met whom will only draw out what you want, where we want to built and what to place and all answers is “ok, can do”.

Rey is totally the opposite whom will proposed mind blowing ideas on space saving and PLENTY of storage space plus functionality. He is able to conceptualised our needs and completely changed our initial idea which we quickly accepted and no regrets.

Knowing we are in the rush to move in he is able to complete and handover to us within 6weeks of renovation with no compromise of the result output. He is also very meticulous on the finest details and request some part of the carpentry to be change when it does not meet his standard.

After 2 weeks moving into our new nest, we are still admiring each corner of it. Heartfelt Thanks to Rey for the hardwork and beautiful home delivered!

Designer : Rey Tan

Mr Clifford & Ms Meiyan

Singapore, Singapore

​262 Toa Payoh East

Project Value $75,000

We came across ErStudio/Eloy via recommendation by word of mouth. Post several initial meetings with the principal designer Eloy, we decided to proceed with Erstudio as Eloy stood out with his design and concept. We felt that compared to other designers whom we have met, his direction/style resonates with ours the most and we were most confident to go with ErStudio.

During the execution process, we liaised mostly with Ryanne who has provided us timely updates, practical recommendations and most importantly being highly accommodating to our last minute changes and request.

We were also impressed with quality of the materials and workmanship and prompt rectifications done. Even after handover, Ryanne remains very responsive - for instance she arranged to fix a chip-off due to normal wear and tear.

Overall, we are very satisfied and pleased with ErStudio and greatly appreciate Eloy & Ryanne for the excellent job done. We would definitely recommend Erstudio to others who are looking for a firm that is capable, reliable and most importantly- takes pride in their work.

Designer : Ryanne Loh / Eloycois Er

Mr Mike & Ms Desiree

Singapore, Singapore

18 The Clement Canopy A

Project Value $83,000

It was through sheer luck that we ended up with Rey of Er Studio.

After some online research, wife contacted Er Studio and was assigned Rey. Even though it was the weekend, he was very prompt with his response and we were impressed.

Rey was very patient when we shared our requirements and was able to quickly conceptualize what we wanted. He was very tactful in managing our wishes versus our budget and was able to strike a very good compromise. He was very understanding and acceded to our last minute request to make 100% changes to my son’s room without any complaints.

Knowing we were rushing to move in, he was able to work out an acceptable schedule and the end result was mind blowing. No substandard carpentry work and in a rare occasion of a small defect, he was meticulous enough to have spotted it and instructed replacement to be done. His personal high standards meant that when the house was handed over to us, there was minimal defects that needed rectification.

His eye for details and practical suggestions made our new house into a lovely home. He helped create extra living and storage space and my family loves our new home.

Most importantly, my wife is delighted with the end result and as the saying goes, happy wife=happy home!!

Designer : Rey Tan

Mr Jeremy Tan

Singapore, Singapore

3A Holland Close

Project Value $11,000

We engaged ErStudio to do up our teenage daughter's room. The project was led by Shin Kiat and Thomas. We were impressed with their design as they managed to incorporate our requirements and further tweaked it with finer details to elevate the entire look & feel. The project was implemented on schedule and within budget. The team also resolved issues that cropped along the way timely and professionally. The final outcome and the workmanship are on point. Overall, it was a pleasant experience for us and most importantly our daughter is very happy with her new room.

Designer : Thomas Teo

Mr David & Ms Fransiska

Singapore, Singapore

231 Upp Paya Lebar Rd, Botanique 

Project Value $49,000

It was great working with Rey. He is very detailed and creative. Able to conceptualize ideas and come up with workable solutions each time when posed with a design challenge. responsible and responsive too and I was able to trust him to complete the job. It makes the renovation process a smooth and pleasant one. I love my house every inch of it! I am so delighted to have selected Rey! My guests were awed by his designs too. Thank you so much Rey and to your team for creating such a beautiful home! wish you continued success!

Designer : Rey Tan

Mr Yeo

Singapore, Singapore

26B St George's Lane

Project Value $43,000

Having stayed in our new abode for 2 weeks and we totally enjoy it! All thanks to Cris and Josephine for their well planned designed ideas. They will listen to our ideas and our requirements before adding their experience to beautify it. Special mention to the Peggyboard whereby the curved and LED design make it so "chio"

There were some hiccups or defects along the 2months process. We as 1st time new house owner will naturally be nervous. However Cris & Jo are very calm and composed to rectify our problem one by one until we are satisfied.

We are so glad that we have engaged ERStudio as our ID. and special thanks again to Cris & Josephine for your time, effort in creating our practical yet cozy house. Cheers 

Designer : Josephine Bok

Mr Samuel & Ms Peggy

Singapore, Singapore

53 Meyer Road

Project Value $180,000

Having stayed in our new house for 2 months, we asked both our boys, aged 18 and 12, to rate their new home and they rated 8.5/10 which was very gratifying to us. This was made possible because we chose Rey Tan of Er Studio as our ID.

Having dealt with Rey for 10 months since conceptualisation till handover, Rey has come across as pleasant, funny, reasonable and very much a perfectionist.

Many a times, items which would have passed QC by us were rejected by him because they are not as perfect as it should have been. Much of the detailing that he painstakingly incorporated into the design, we only appreciated the beauty of it after shifting in and looking at it every day and that’s makes us feel happy and thankful to Rey.

Everyone who has been to our place was impressed. Rey is indeed a good designer, he tries his best to combine aesthetics with functionality to deliver the best outcome. His recommendations for choice of colors, wall papers, curtains, designer glass panels, cove lightings, sanitary fittings turned out well coordinated, whether it is the design or texture.

During the execution, we have had our fair share of hiccups which is not uncommon in a major renovation project like ours but Rey is always reasonable, hence, resolving differences amiably was never unpleasant. Even during the defects period, he also tries his best to accommodate our requests.

After having known Rey for many months now, he is someone who aspires to develop win-win long term relationships with his clients. He delivers to them a dream home in a happiest way possible and that’s his greatest satisfaction.

Rey is still very young, if given time to hone his project management skills, with his exceptional flair in design and being positive and hardworking, we are sure he will become a superb designer!

Thank you, Rey for making our new home a Home that we can be so proud of!

Thanks again,

Designer : Rey Tan

Mr Ivan & Ms Jenny

Singapore, Singapore

93 Prince Charles Crescent

Project Value $27,000

Er studio was one of several IDs we shortlisted. Eventually, we decided to go ahead and we've never looked back since! We had only 7 weeks to complete our project and oh my, not only did they complete their job magnificently, they were able to finish it before the deadline. Designing and coordination were done by Ying Hwei and Ryanne. Hiccups were always bound to happen but were solved very quickly. They were responsive whenever we have questions and for sure, you can put your mind at ease with both them running the show. Great job and thank you Ying Hwei and Ryanne for making our home so beautiful and cosy!

Designer : Ryanne Loh / Teng Ying Hwei

Mr & Ms Quek

Singapore, Singapore

18 Palm Grove Ave

Project Value  $138,000

We have moved into our lovely house for a month plus and my wife and kids are loving every inch of it.

Would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Ryanne who has worked diligently to make our house a beautiful and lovely one.

The design of house was fabulous and all my friends said it is nicely done up.

Thanks s lot to Ryanne and team.

Designer : Ryanne Loh / Hans Chua

Mr Marcus & Ms Michelle

Singapore, Singapore

35 Bukit Batok East Ave 6

Project Value $77,300

Dear erstudio & team,

Finally we have settled down and found time to share the pleasant experience we had with Eloycois and Josephine! Our renovation cannot be considered a major overhaul but it's still substantial with a complete makeover for our kitchen/dining, living, 2 bathrooms. 

Kitchen has always been the heart and soul of the house for us as that's where we spend a lot of time at. We wanted an open concept kitchen with an island and attached dining but with an elongated layout of the house, it doesn’t seems feasible, at least to some of the other IDs that we've approached. Eloycois on the other hand, is not only able to fufill our requirements but proposed an alternative of penisula where he purposefully emphasized the length of the space while giving us more storage and worktop in return. Attached to the penisula is a massive 2.3m dining table where it had naturally became both the gathering place and talking point of the house. Needless to say, we gave Eloycios our trust, accepted his proposal and the rest is history. In addition, Eloycois  also provided very valuable recommendation on cabinet space planning and after moving in for a few months, we can say they really work! We were able to fit all of our current stuff with many more empty cabinets yet to fill! 

The other highlight of our house are the bathrooms, especially the master ensuite. It's a place where the missus of the house have set high expectations. After sharing some ideas and concepts, once again Eloycois is able to work his magic and gave us beyond what we've asked for. Friends and family have given praise to the hotel like ensuite and we really enjoyed using the bathroom everyday.

Besides providing outstanding design, erstudio also gave us a good assurance as consumers that their after sales service would be as good. We've spotted a few minor defects after we've moved in and Josephine was prompt to get them rectified. During the renovation period, Jo also promptly attended to many of our requests. She even visited the site while she's on MC. Very commendable!

Overall we wouldn't say the entire renovation process is a bed full of roses but we were able to treat each other as friends, keep the communication open and resolve the issues together. We would definitely recommend erstudio. Thank you Eloy and Jo! :)

Designer : Jospehine Bok / Eloycois Er

Mr Gordon & Ms Mei Lian

Singapore, Singapore

310 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

Project Value $36,000

To the management of erstudio,

As one of Eric’s client, I would like to share the pleasant experience I’ve had working with him over the course of our renovation period that had started around November of 2018. 
We’ve had our home handed over to us just in time for the Lunar New Year, right on schedule. With the multitude of horror stories we’ve heard about renovation work delays during peak period, especially during the end of the year, my husband was rather concerned that works could not complete in time. I had my faith that Eric would deliver, and he did not disappoint. 

My search for an ID started as early as July last year, as I recalled. With the plethora of choices of ID firms available in the market, we were overwhelmed with the options. Nevertheless, I went through the tiresome process of screening through each option on various websites (Qanvast, Houzz, Renonation, Facebook), ploughing through project portfolio pictures and reviews, to find the one that could deliver an aesthetic that is closest to the style and personality of my husband and I. 

What first struck me most was the consistency of Erstudio’s style - neutral palette, modern minimalist yet classy; and the impressive reviews left by your customers.
Having set up an appointment with Eric and meeting him, I was further convinced that we would trust our home in your firm’s good hands. By then, we have already met a few different IDs. 

What made Eric different from the rest is his true passion for interior design. Seeing him lay out his coloured pens, and sketching 3D structures freehand on pieces of white paper while explaining his ideas to us, we immediately knew he was the right person for the job. He was also the only ID who came up with unconventional ideas for use of spaces and different ways to section them. See, we were not looking for just another salesman who tries to sell us a package deal and coordinates a renovation project, but we wanted an actual designer and a problem solver who can translate our vision to reality.

I clearly remembered the first conversation I had with Eric. He told me firmly yet professionally, that if I were to engage Erstudio, it would be a project “collaboration”. I knew that he was assessing me as a client as much as I was assessing him. Now, I came to Erstudio with a set of expectations and demands. I wasn’t just looking for a contractor or a project coordinator, I was also looking for a consultant, a designer whom I can bounce idea off with, and an expert who can add value and tell me if some of the ideas I want for my new home could or couldn’t work. Perhaps even someone who could recommend a different perspective. Eric was able to deliver them all.

Despite not having Casetrust certification (as recommended for contractors by hdb), Eric had openly and transparently explained the circumstances to us. Selecting Erstudio, meant we were taking a leap of faith, knowing the potential unknown or risks that could implicate us.

As a first time home owner, and a perfectionist who has a certain idea of what my ideal home should look like, I must admit we have posed multiple challenges to Eric to think outside the box, and each time, he was able to rise to the occasion to meet our demands.

From the decision to hack of our kitchen wall, to the redesigning of our master bath. Eric had also patiently walked us through the imagination of our lifestyle to ensure that each designed space would serve its clear purpose.

That being said, every project comes with its sets of ups and downs. For a well balanced review and to provide constructive feedback for improvements, there were times over the course of the project when we felt a little neglected, as Eric might be busy juggling with other clients’ projects or fighting fire. We were a hands on couple, thus we would take the lead for some of the coordination work ourselves. However, we’d wish Eric could have dedicated a little more time for us so we could feel the privilege as an actual client. Bottomline is, Eric can clearly deliver, only when he chooses to pay close attention. At times, when he is distracted by something else, things may slip.

Overall though, what’s most important is that Eric’s delivered on time, on budget while meeting most of our requirements. We understand that for the same amount we paid, other ID firms could have delivered and packaged more tangible items such as more built in cabinets etc. In hindsight, erstudio could perhaps review that to bring more value to the dollar that we’ve invested. Apart from that, great job to the one man team, Eric. 

Designer : Eric Low

Mr Qwen

Singapore, Singapore

31 Countryside Place

Project Value $150,000

When we were ready to renovate our old terrace house, we shortlisted 8 IDs and after evaluating each ID, we decided to engage Hans/Shu Gee from erStudio. Unlike the others that promise many things, Hans/Shu Gee were very forthright, pointing out budget constraints, potential money pits associated with renovating a landed property.


Their knowledge & experience allowed us to make informed decisions, prioritising our needs within our budget. They were not the cheapest, neither were they the most radical in design. But they gave us a design that fulfilled our family needs perfectly. Both of them are like cheese and chalk but together as a team, they were perfect! Hans provided the broader conceptual work, Shu Gee filled in the details. But what impressed us most was the attention to us and our lifestyles, our likes & needs.


They spent hours & hours with us on evenings going through design details. And when the actual renovation work was carried out, they visited the site regularly, providing us with constant updates. In the end, they gave us a home that met our expectations and more importantly, the made the whole journey a fun one!

Designer : Shugee Ng / Hans Chua

Mr Edmund & Ms Vee

Singapore, Singapore

9 Yishun St 51

Project Value $44,000

Finally moving into the crib after all these months of preparation😬 Looking forward to this new phase of life!

Special thanks to Yoh & Ying Hwei from for injecting their dope ideas, expertise & effort into making this home a reality🙌🏽

Designer : Ting Yinghwei / Yoh Chuan Er

Ms Soon

Singapore, Singapore

588B Ang Mo Kio St52

Project Value $71,000

We would like to thank Mr Thomas Teo for an outstanding job done for our new house renovation.

Thomas was responsible, professional and often provided us with sound advice on the design and furnishing of our house. We were impressed with his attention to details, able to spot defects and rectified them before we noticed them. He followed the schedule closely and the renovation went well and on time.

My wife and I were very satisfied with his service and would not hesitate to recommend him for any future ID works.

Designer : Thomas Teo

Mr Lai Chee Kong

Singapore, Singapore

28 Pasir Ris Link

Project Value $82,000

I came to know about ERstudio through Facebook and after meeting up with Rey, decided to work with him as he was able to understand the concepts and ideas I have. I am very pleased with Rey’s attention to even the smallest details and his perspective and understanding of the end user needs. A house is not a showplace but a home where one has to live comfortably and happily in it. I am enjoying living in my home now!

Designer : Rey Tan

Ms Grace

Singapore, Singapore

17 Yishun Close

Project Value $25,000

It was totally a pleasant experience working Rey Tan from Erstudio. Rey came across as genuine and professional throughout the project. Though we have a design in mind, it was not always as practical. But Rey was able to married the aspect of functionality and aesthetics with the theme that we wish to achieve.

He has high expectation and was very meticulous with every single details. The outcome was just as great as what was conceptualised, our family simply love it!
Sincere appreciation to Rey.

I would recommend Rey to anyone whom look for a professional ID to handle your project.

Designer : Rey Tan

Ms Christin

Singapore, Singapore

184 Canberra Drive

Project Value $29,000

i'm writing to compliment Ryanne who handled our reno work at Visionaire.

It was a pleasure working with her 😊

There was few incidents that we need her immediate attention and action and she will always responded well and be there as needed.

Throughout the whole reno work she has closely follow up on the progress and stuck to the project plan. She is a responsible person.

Given the short time line and dealing with developer defects rectification and last minutes option change she was able to complete the project and handover early then expected.

Reno process has never been easy even with ID but this time with Ryanne we are able to relax and let her handled.

Thank you Ryanne for the job well done who transformed our home.



Designer : Ryanne Loh

Mr Chin and Ms Karen

Singapore, Singapore

104B Canberra Road

Project Value $54,000

A perfect and spectacular finish by Rey. We had a mix of ideas and themes which he managed to put it down on a 3D drawing which looked AMAZING. After completion the house looked exactly like the 3D drawing and everyone who has visited our house is simply blown away. The execution was flawless for a design that hasn't been done before.



Designer : Rey Tan

Maheswari Balan

Singapore, Singapore

Ang Mo Kio Ave 5

Project Value $110,000

Having bought an old unit with lots of piping issues. We knew we had to find someone with vast technical knowledge and experience in handling our requests coupled with challenging hdb approval permits granted . Thank you Thomas and his team of workers who managed to create our dream home within a short time frame with quality workmanship.
Worth mentioning is that Thomas is very responsible and never fails to rectify our issues even after renovation completes.



Designer : Thomas Teo

Ms Lynda Chan

Singapore, Singapore

Jalan Membina 

Project Value $55,000

Thank you ErStudio for helping with the renovations for my home. I am very happy with the outcome and am impressed with the service. Thank you Eric for being so accommodating to my requests. I will definitely recommend ErStudio to people I know.



Designer : Eric Low

Mdm Amy

Singapore, Singapore


Project Value $175,000

A big thumbs up to Eloy and Eric at ErStudio. Thanks for turning our house into a place that we love to come back to daily. Great recommendations with sleek and thoughtful design and space saving unseen storage spaces. The things that stand out would be the quality materials, outstanding service and unbiased advices!



Designer : Eric Low/ Eloycois Er

Ms Dolly

Singapore, Singapore


Project Value $65,000

Our first interaction with Erstudio was a pleasant surprise as Eloycius and Eric would personally come down to our apartment to do a preliminary assessment. They were both patient and listened to our ideas and what we wanted of a dream home. Both of them gave practical suggestions so that we could maximise our wall and floor spaces which we had always wanted to but had never thought that such designs were possible. The design proposals by Eloycius were very impressive as he took into considerations the intended use of each display and storage cabinets, the dimensions we needed and would craft his design work to suit our different requests. We did not face much hiccups during the renovation period as Eric would look into the various stages of the renovation period and ensure that everything was progressing on schedule. Our experience with Erstudio was indeed a happy and satisfied one as both of them are flexible and would look into each detail needed and place safety as their first priority. One plus point about Erstudio was that Eloycius and Eric would go the extra mile to help us in areas beyond contract terms or give advice when we asked. One such example would be the recommendation of a good and reliable plumber to help us with our other installation needs.



Designer : Eric Low / Eloycois Er

Elson Loh

Singapore, Singapore

The Interlace

Project Value $20,000

A big THANK YOU to Erstudio for creating our dream home! We have had an amazing experience with Eric and Eloycois who have both guided us in the right direction into making our dream come true. From their designs to execution, they have proved that we made the right choice! They are extremely responsive, responsible and organized. Every time we worried about the slightest thing, they would make sure everything will be alright and always found solutions. Trusting them with our home was the best decision ever and we could not be happier. Keep up the great work and wish you all the continued success.



Designer : Eric Low

Natasha Dodani Abbott

Singapore, Singapore

Sumang Lane

Project Value $90,000


We happen to know about Erstudio through some ads online. Before engaging them, we did approach quite a number of IDs, but what makes Eloycois stands out among them was his responsiveness and also his detailed design. It was a good experience working with him.


The process was smooth except for some minor hiccups which are pretty normal in every renovation but they got it all rectified. An aspect for further improvement will be with regards to their pricing. With his unique designs, it will be great if the quotes were a little lower to be more competitive in the market. Overall, we are happy with the service provided and would recommend them to others. In fact, we have been recommending them to our friends! 



Designer : Hans Chua / Eloycois Er

Mr William

Singapore, Singapore

Jalan Singa

Project Value $110,000


Erstudio was recommended to us by a family member.

We did meet up with some other IDs as well but our final choice was erstudio, for the good feedback we've got. On top of that, we've seen their works and liked their creative design too. The ID is very responsive and able to understand what we wanted too. Their standard was there just as promised.


An aspect for futher improvement will be with regards with their time management as there were some delays in our project. Overall we are very happy with our renovation and would recommend them to other family members as well and friends too. 




Designer : Hans Chua / Eloycois Er

Ms Jolyn

Singapore, Singapore

Punggol Walk

Project Value $58,000


I would like to thank Eric for transforming my HDB flat into my dream home. I had found Erstudio through a portal, and after researching, decided to contact them. Eric was the interior designer who served me and I was deeply impressed by his extensive knowledge. I didn't had a specific design in mind and Eric walked me through the pros and cons of various design themes patiently. The renovation process was smooth and I was kept updated consistently - which meant I didn't have to worry or to spend time checking on my unit. Another good point was that my flat was quite dimmed but with Eric's recommendation of lighting placement, the pain point was well solved and my family are really happy with the results! 


Designer : Eric Low

Steven & Melissa Chew

Singapore, Singapore

Tampines Central 7

Project Value $65,000


My friend had gotten his renovation done by Eric, and I loved the design & attention to details in his house. Through his his recommendation, I engaged Eric to handle the design & renovation of my apartment. Despite working on a tight budget, Eric was compromising and shared various design features which suits my requirements and home. He was always professional and delivered well above my expectations. Quality was very good! 

Designer : Eric Low

Charles Chen

Singapore, Singapore

Punggol Waterway

Project Value $60,000


Being a first time home owner I did a lot of research on interior design from magazines and also consulted quite a few design firms before deciding on who to work with.


My design consultant is Eloycois and he made a difference by patiently listening to my ideas and simplifying them into a coherent theme. In the process he gave me a lot of valuable suggestions and told me the pitfalls to avoid from his vast experience.


From the proposal, moodboard to final 3D drawings, we chose the colour theme, materials and details with ease because Eloycois did a great job in the fact finding stage and knew exactly what works and doesn't work for my lifestyle.


To complete the look of the house, Eloycois also sourced the main pieces of furniture and other permanent fixtures on my behalf at a value for money price tag. These quality furnishing fit in perfectly with my beautiful home.


The execution of the renovation was seamless and the project deadlines were strictly adhered to. Eloycois made amendments along the way with the objective to hide almost all ugly corners jutting out, pipings and trunking. He is also prompt In following up and liaising with the different suppliers and updating me on the progress.I could trust him to rectify any defects without any intervention from me.


The eventual result I have is a fabulous home that I feel proud to entertain my friends and family in.



Designer : Eloycois Er

Jessica Koh

Singapore, Singapore

Serangoon Central

Project Value $130,000


Thank you Eloycois for doing a great job on my house!


I had many ideas in mind and many things that I wanted to incorporate into the house design but it is really difficult to fit all these into my small house.


Eloycois discussed my lifestyle habits with me and narrowed down to what is the most important things that i need. He managed to plan my house such that it is fully functional for me but not too cluttered. As a layman, I choose to trust his expertise after many rounds of discussion and we finalized on the design direction.He is not only an excellent planner/ designer but he is like a friend who reminds me to cut down the unnecessary to keep within my budget. He has a calm attitute and is always able to control and manage the work site to keep everything running on schedule and to solve ad hoc issues that arise. And because I need to move in earlier, he manage to complete the project and handover a week earlier with no compromise of workmanship.


Keep up the Good work! 



Designer : Eloycois Er

Yu Suqin

Singapore, Singapore

Anchovale Rd

Project Value  more than $250,000


Of all the interior designers over the last 30 years (and I know of a few good ones) Eloycois's concept and design stands out. So pleased am I with his creativity and after-sales services that I'm determined to use his services for my other renovation needs. Perhaps due to his strong background in product designs, he brings with him a fresh approach to interior designs. There is not one day that my family and I don't look forward to coming home to a well designed abode. Highly recommended.


Designer : Eloycois Er

Daniel Ang

Singapore, Singapore

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